1. Beautiful Possibilities for IKEA in Canada
2. Beautiful Possibilities for the Planet
3. Beautiful Possibilities for Life at Home
4. Beautiful Possibilities for our Co-workers
5. Beautiful Possibilities for the Many People
Beautiful Possibilities for the Future

The Beautiful


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In 2018, we set out to help Canadians
see the
beautiful possibilities at home
and in the world around them.

It was a year of
beautiful possibilities for

IKEA in Canada,

the planet,

Life at Home,

IKEA co-workers,

and the many people.

“We’ve accomplished a lot in one year at IKEA in Canada. We opened two, new stores in Halifax and Quebec City, grew our team to 6,500 co-workers, introduced many new ways to shop, and saw positive sales growth across all channels. We also lead by example on issues that matter to us – from our announcement to phase out single-use plastics, the launch of our refugee employment program and commitment to causes that promote gender equality.

2018 is also the year we lost our dear founder Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 91. His driving vision – to create a better everyday life for the many people – will continue to live on in everything we do.

We are proud of our growth this year, but we know the retail landscape is changing faster than ever. As we look toward the future, we’ll transform our business with the ambition to become even more convenient and accessible to our customers. To the beautiful possibilities ahead!”

Marsha Smith,
President, IKEA Canada


Beautiful Possibilities

for IKEA in Canada.

We’re on a mission to make
the shopping experience easier and
more convenient for Canadians.

It’s thanks to the many
Canadians that we experienced
another successful year.

We had
$2.39 billion in sales.

+8% from last year.

And $241.57 million

in online sales.

+18.8% from last year.

We had

30 million
visitors to our stores.
+6.9% from last year.

104 million
visits to
and our mobile app.

+10.1% from last year.

We contributed to Canadian households,
businesses and governments through
our operations.

$2.2 billion
in economic

$605 million
in labour

Over 13,400
direct, indirect
and induced jobs
supported in Canada.

Canadians came together
and dined with us.

We saw $102 million in food sales, 13% more than last year.

In fact, they ate …

3.6 million
hot dogs.

2.2 million
meatball plates.

500 thousand
(sustainably sourced) salmon fillets.

Now there are
more BILLY bookcases
in homes across Canada.

(And that makes us happy)

We now have IKEA

Thousands showed up
for opening day at IKEA Halifax……

and showed us how to really
throw a kitchen party.

The rain didn’t hold back
more than 4,000 Quebec City
residents from saying

Through it all, our customers continue
to be at the heart of everything we do.

And as their lives change and evolve,
so have the many ways they can shop
with IKEA in Canada.

They shopped at:

They also used our services.

Click & Collect





Plus, in select markets,
IKEA assembly just got
easier with TaskRabbit!

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We understand you may
change your mind, and
that’s okay.

To make the shopping
experience more flexible
and convenient,
in 2018 we launched
365-day returns.


Beautiful Possibilities

for the planet.

At IKEA, we have gone all-in to
create a sustainable future.

Click the link to see our new
People & Planet Positive strategy.

Learn More

By 2020, we’ll phase out all single-use plastics
from our product range and food services.

IKEA has also made a bold
commitment globally to have
100% electric or zero emission
home deliveries by 2025,
reaching 25% by 2020.

All IKEA Canada stores feature
electric vehicle charging stations to
support the adoption of near-zero
emissions transportation.

Learn More

We are powering
IKEA with Clean Energy.

This year, we installed solar panels on the
rooftops of our two Alberta stores that will
together offset 1,600 tonnes of CO2 each year.
We now have rooftop solar installations on more
than half of our stores nationwide.

Did you know?

The IKEA Edmonton system is one of the largest commercial rooftop solar systems in the city, with 2,905 panels.

We are powering Canada
with Renewable Energy.

We are proud to own two wind farms
in southern Alberta. Together they
generate enough electricity to power
about 40,000 homes.

That’s about 4x as much power as
we consume across the country!

But in a world where resources
are scarce, we know there’s
so much more to be done.

Looking forward, we’re committed
to being a fully circular business by 2030.

what is that?

It means designing our products with re-use, repair, repurposing, and recycling in mind from the beginning, using only renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials, eliminating waste, and connecting with our customers in new ways to give products a longer life.

As Jonas says,
“reusing things is much better.”

We’re introducing new programs to help our customers extend the life of the IKEA products they love, and to create a second life (or third or fourth!) for products they no longer need.

We’re growing
greener communities.

Since 1996, our co-workers have made
Canadian communities greener by planting
51,000 mature trees and shrubs.

Did you know?

All cotton in IKEA products comes from more sustainable sources (through the Better Cotton Initiative or equivalent standard) that significantly reduces the environmental impact of cotton production.

We are proud to be
one of Canada’s
Greenest Employers

- every year for the past decade.

Did you know?

In stores, waste reduction and recycling programs at each location divert approximately 85% of waste materials away from landfill.

Through our
Sustainable Living
Challenges with
co-workers and

Did you know?

The IKEA veggieball has a carbon footprint that is 1/30th of the traditional beef & pork meatball.

We saved 6.6 million
litres of water
avoided 1.4 million kg
of CO2 emissions
and diverted
55,700 kg of waste

“We embrace the responsibility, challenge, and opportunity to make IKEA Canada a positive force for the natural environment and communities that we depend on for our success.

We will work to enable a better life at home within the limits of the planet, to become fully circular and climate positive in our operations, and to take a stand for a fair and inclusive Canadian society.

We also know that we can’t do it alone, so we look forward to being a partner to many others who share these goals.”

Brendan Seale, Sustainability Manager


Beautiful Possibilities

for Life at Home.

At IKEA in Canada
we want to be leaders
in life at home.

This year, we visited 300 Canadian
homes to find out people's needs,
dreams and frustrations with their
homes from coast-to-coast.

And we also conducted one of
our largest studies ever on
how Canadians live at home.

Here’s a few things we learned
from the Life at Home report.

Canadian homes
are getting smarter.

60% of Canadians have some sort of smart technology in their homes.

Whether we live big or small, we all have our struggles with storage.

The hardest to store being:

Seasonal Decor
Patio Furniture

Life at home means
life with pets.

53% of Canadians
surveyed have pets at home!

So we introduced LURVIG.
(It means ‘SHAGGY’ in Swedish.)

Did you know?

Whether it’s condo-living at IKEA North York or East Coast architecture at IKEA Halifax, each of our stores show inspiring, relevant, and affordable home furnishing solutions that reflect life at home in the local community!

At IKEA, we believe in “democratic design” which means making products and solutions for a better everyday life at home:

Form making every product beautiful.

Function are innovative and work the way they are intended.

Quality are able to withstand daily use and last for a long time.

Sustainability are sustainably made.

Low Priceare affordable for everyone.

For example: SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp

FormBeautiful pendant lamp made of woven material.

FunctionGives a soft glowing light, that gives home a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

QualityEach lamp is handmade and unique.

SustainabilityBamboo is a renewable material.

All at a low price: $99

In 2018, we celebrated NEW
products, well-loved classics
AND our 75th anniversary!

That’s why we brought back iconic
pieces from the past 75 years for our
limited edition GRATULERA collection.

Did you know?

IKEA has been in Canada for over 40 years.


Beautiful Possibilities

for our co-workers.

At IKEA, our workplace is
based on our culture and values.

And rooted in our Swedish culture.

In 2018, we grew to
6,500 co-workers.

We believe gender equality is
better for humanity and better
for business. And we’re not
just saying that…

52% of our co-workers are women

51% of our managers are women

And in 2018, IKEA became an even better place to work.

We listened to our co-workers…

And now provide every co-worker with minimum guaranteed hours and work schedules four weeks in advance

So they can enjoy a better everyday life at home and at work.

Our Talent Week showed co-workers
how to grow their careers with us.

IKEA contributed an additional
$1,453.60 to every full-time
co-worker’s retirement program

and a proportional amount for
part-timers, regardless of
position or salary level.

Just our way of
saying TACK!

(It means “thank you” in Swedish. )

We want to be one of Canada’s top employers. We continue to contribute to our Total Rewards offering, including an enhanced benefits program for co-workers in 2019.

Spotlight on Steve Foster

Store Manager, Coquitlam

"My journey with IKEA began more than 27 years ago, collecting carts in the parking lot as a seasonal co-worker.

Today, I’m the Store Manager in Coquitlam. It’s been great to be in this store with amazing co-workers who want to make our location the best in Canada.

My favorite IKEA memory is the first time I met Ingvar Kamprad. When I went to introduce myself, he reached over and gave me a big hug! After 20 years, it was a pleasure to meet the man who created such a fantastic company. Many companies have great vision statements, but IKEA delivers on what they believe".


Beautiful Possibilities

for the many people.

Everyday life should be better for everyone,
so we’re putting people and communities first.

All children have the right to a healthy start,
so we partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada
to ensure children started the school day with a
healthy meal. Since the partnership was formed
in 2016, IKEA has helped to feed over 40,000
children across the country.

Our annual IWitness Global Citizens
Program offered a life changing
opportunity for 5 Canadian co-workers.

Last April, they travelled to Indonesia to see a Save the Children
program funded by the IKEA Foundation focused on inclusive
education. Ambassadors visited with officials, teachers, families
and children with disabilities who were working together to
ensure all children have the opportunity to go to school and get
the education they deserve.

We also want to be
active partners in our
local communities.

Our stores helped support Habitat for
Humanity by donating products and
volunteering on build sites.

IKEA wants to create a diverse, equal and inclusive work environment where individual differences are celebrated.

Our Refugee Employment
Initiative helps refugees
start meaningful, secure
careers in their new homes.

We’ll hire 250 refugees in the
next three years across Canada.

“No matter where you come from,
values are the most important thing.
And that’s why it’s inspiring to work
at a company like IKEA, based on
great values.”
- Sandra Bakajlic, IKEA Quebec co-worker

We’re also working towards a more gender-equal world.

We partnered with the Canadian Women’s Foundation to provide needed home furnishings to 13 women’s organizations, including self-employment initiatives, organizations that provide shelter and support to women who have experienced abuse, and violence prevention programs.

Four female leaders from IKEA Canada

We also announced plans to join a
private-sector gender equality leadership
coalition in partnership with UN Global
Compact and supported by the Canadian
federal government.

We are proud to
stand up for equality.

We raised the Pride Flag at stores across
Canada in honour of International Day Against
Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

We also supported Pride celebrations across the country.

“I was extremely proud of the group of
co-workers who volunteered as parade
marshals and subsequently walked in
the parade. To have my fellow
co-workers support not only me, but
the entire 2SLGBTQ+ community here
in Halifax, was without a doubt, the
highlight of the parade for me.”
David Duplisea, IKEA Halifax Co-worker

And we didn’t just
march with Pride…

Beautiful Possibilities

for the future

These are exciting times
for IKEA in Canada.

New technology.

The world is changing.
Life is changing.
Home is changing.

And we are
changing too.

We are transforming our
business model to ensure
we’re accessible, convenient
and sustainable today and
in the future.

In other words…
we are creating the
IKEA of tomorrow.

Exploring new formats, enhancing our digital
experience, improving our service offer
and optimizing our distribution networks…

All with the goal to become the leading
multi-channel home furnishings retailer.

As we look forward to 2019,
we’re excited about the beautiful
possibilities that lie ahead.

“Happiness is not reaching
your goal. Happiness is
being on the way...

We are just at the beginning.
A glorious future!”

Ingvar Kamprad

About IKEA Canada

IKEA Group is a leading home furnishing retailer with 357 stores in
more than 29 countries worldwide, which are visited by 817 million
people every year. IKEA Canada has 14 stores, an eCommerce virtual
store, five Pick-up and order points and 17 Collection Points. Last year,
IKEA Canada welcomed 30 million visitors to its stores and 104 million
visitors to the website. Founded in 1943, IKEA's business
philosophy is to offer a wide range of products of good design and
function at prices so low, that as many people as possible will be able
to afford them.

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